Published on: 30th July 2019   |   Universal Networks

PROCAT7 Tactical patchPROCAT tactical copper patch cables offer the same spec and quality as PROCAT Deployable Copper without the reel. These cables have been designed specifically for use in industries where performance and durability are important, such as broadcast & media, data comms and harsh environments.


Why choose tactical copper patch?

Tactical Copper Patch Cables are double jacketed for protection, making them suitable for harsh environments and any application that involves repeated flexing of the cable. Universal offer a choice of two rugged cables; a high performance Cat7 double jacketed cable or Belden’s Cat5e CatSnake cable, which is a ruggedised touring class deployable data cable for Cat5E applications using Shielded & Foiled Twisted Pair cable for EMI & RF shielding.

PROCAT Tactical Copper Patch

Ruggedised Connectors

Both cable options can be terminated with Neutrik etherCON, IP-RJ45, RJ45 (for PROCAT5 only) or a Industrial RJ45 for a direct connection into a standard socket. Optimal data transfer The PROCAT5 cable is Belden up-jacketed Unshielded CatSnake with bonded pairs. The PROCAT7 is shielded and foiled for better EMI and optimal data transfer performance.

Industrial RJ45

Neutrik etherCON


Performance Guaranteed

All PROCAT tactical patch cables are individually Fluke tested to the Ethernet Cat5e or Cat7 standard. We guarantee a pass at 70m. For non Ethernet applications, longer distances are possible.

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