ArmourLux F BEAM® Expanded Beam 2/4 Channel Junior HMA Plug to Plug assembly

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Tactical Belden fibre with the F BEAM® Expanded Beam connectors that utilise Advanced Alignment Technology. 2 and 4 fibre channel options available in singlemode and multimode.

The hermaphroditic, F-BEAM® connector is HMA compatible and has been designed to meet MIL83526/MIL20/MIL21, making it ideal for use in harsh environment applications.


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£875.00£1,070.00 (Excl. VAT)

£1,050.00 (Incl. VAT)

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ArmourLux F BEAM® Expanded Beam Connectors

The ArmourLux F BEAM® is our premium option for fibre optics in harsh environments. Utilising Expanded Beam technology, the connector is rugged, can be easily cleaned and being hermaphroditic, is simple and easy to connect.

F BEAM® is a UK designed and manufactured connector which has been developed over the years to deliver class leading optical performance. It is fully interoperable with other HMA Junior products from TE, Stratos and others.

  • 2 or 4 channel fibre multimode and singlemode
  • Hermaphroditic
  • HMA Junior compatible


The ArmourLux F BEAM® range provides a number of benefits that make this option suitable for harsh environment applications.

Cable Retention

Connectors mate directly with each other without the need for couplers, enabling a quick and easy extension of the cables.

Military defence tank

Military grade F BEAM® connector designed to meet MIL83526 / MIL20/ MIL21.

Easy Clean

 Lens technology allows for an easy clean and connect.

Rugged Icon

Tough, durable cable suitable for the demands of a challenging, harsh environment.

Icon - Bend Insensitive

Bend insensitive Military grade tactical fibre, designed for harsh environments.

Umbrella with IP68

Protective cap and shell protects against dust and water to IP68 standard.

Wide Operating Temperature

Cable operating temperature ranges from -55°C to +85°C.

Portable Deployable Reel

Includes portable, deployable reel with 3rd flange and friction brake.

Icon - UK Manufactured

Products manufactured in the UK and individually serialised for traceability.

Why ArmourLux with F BEAM®?

The most Reliable Fibre Connection

The F BEAM® connector is an Expanded Beam connector that utilises Advanced Alignment Technology. Expanded Beam lessens the contamination risk associated with physical contact connectors so is suited to the most rugged and demanding of applications.

A key advantage of this fibre connector design is that the fibres are protected from the elements and each other. Rather than the traditional butt joint which requires each fibre core to be precisely aligned (to within a micron), expanded beam employs a precision lens to optically expand the light from each core by approximately 40 times its original size, and then refocus back into the mating connector.

A small gap is maintained between the lenses, this minimises the effect of dust, debris, temperature variation, vibration and dirt on the lights path. The lens also means it can be easily cleaned without risk of damaging the fibre – if a connector is dropped into mud, it can simply be washed or wiped and reconnected.

Expanded Beam Diagram

As the lens magnifies the light from the fibre cable (potentially from just 9 microns) accurate alignment of the lens and the fibre is critical to a high-performance connection. Much of the development of the F BEAM® has been in this area, enabling insertion losses to be class-leading.

IP68 rated for peace of mind

The F BEAM® connector has been tested to an immersion depth of 15m operational (EN 61300-2-45) and is IP68 standard.  You can read more about IP ratings here.

Greater reliability in harsh environments

The ArmourLux range uses a tough, durable Miltac cable that tightly packs bend insensitive fibres in aramid yarn, ensuring minimal signal loss even if accidentally kinked.

Cable tied in a knot
The reassurance you deserve

All ArmourLux assemblies are made in the UK. We’re also an ISO9001 and JOSCAR accredited company, where quality and customer service are our highest priorities. With over 25 years’ experience as a trusted provider of fibre optic cables, you can be reassured we understand the requirements of mobile fibre optic communications.


As standard we offer Schill reels (these are included in the cost); we can also supply the assemblies on alternative Schill reel options as well as other brands such as OCC MARS – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

F BEAM Reel Table


We can supply our assemblies on many different reels type depending on your preferences. Some examples are below:

Small Metal Reels (Schill HT305 shown)
A robust alternative to the standard GT plastic reels

Metal Reels

Coloured Metal Reels (HT 380 shown)

Orange, NATO Green (BS381C-285/RAL6014) & Navy Grey (RAL7001)

OCC Military Reel

Lightweight & durable range available in Black, Desert Tan, Carc Green

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Q & A

There are many, it includes the Cinch Junior, QPC Qmini, TE ProBeam Junior, FIBERFOX, to name but a few.  If you wish to check compatibility with a specific brand and model please get in touch.

Yes the DiGiCo consoles are presented as a 2 or 4 channel HMA so are 100% compatible with our 2 or 4 channel F BEAM assemblies.  Select the Multimode option.

The multimode F BEAM® is compatible with the Neutrik FIBERFOX, we have used the F BEAM® cables with the bridge chassis connector successfully.  As of May 2023 there is not a Singlemode version of the FIBERFOX, if and when it is released we will test in house for compatibility and performance.

As the connector is hermaphroditic, assemblies can easily be extended by connecting the plugs directly together. This saves cost and also keeps mating insertion losses to a minimum

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1 Cable Diameter 5.4mm 5.8mm
2 Weight/Km 26kg 30kg
3 Tensile Strength Short Term 300N 400N
4 Operating Temperature -55°C to +85°C -55°C to +85°C
5 Crush Long/Short Term 3000N/m / 5000N/m (IEC 60994-2-20) 3000N/m / 5000N/m (IEC 60994-2-20)
2 GT310 141 123
3 GT380 277 241
4 HT385 447 390
5 HT485 710 618
6 SK4812 906 847
7 SK4813 1359 1270

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