Pre Terminated SWA Armoured Fibre OM1 with ST Connectors

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SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) Loose Tube cable is the most rugged pre terminated option, providing excellent mechanical and rodent protection.  It can be direct buried and has excellent crush & moisture resistance.  It is more flexible than CSTA, but is also heavier.  LSZH jacket means it can be run internally also.  Pre Terminated with ST Connectors on 2mm ruggedised tails, ready to plug into your patch panel, wall box or equipment. Custom made with a quick turnaroundSelect the required length and number of cores/fibres below.

  • Made in Britain
  • No special skills or tools required, install, plug and go
  • LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) and Fire Resistant outer sheath
  • Connectors protected in a strong removable protective tube with pulling eye
  • Shipped on a 3 flange wooden reel for easy deployment
  • Factory terminated with ST Plugs and shipped with test results
  • Installation guide provided

Universal Pre Term Fibre Features

Data Sheets
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Hi, I'm just looking for some guidance. We have various 100baseT to fibre media converters and I wanted to use two to extend our LAN into a remote office some 80m away. The converters state MM so I was thinking that OM1 cable would surfice. However I'm not sure what difference using OM2 or more would have and if I need it. We use TRENDnet TFC-110MST with ST connectors. Regards, Simon.

A. Thanks for your enquiry. MM is a family of MultiMode cables which includes OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4. If you are putting in a new cable, I recommend OM2 (best price) and OM3 (future proofed). You may not be thinking of upgrading to 10GbE, but it will be needed one day, and OM1 or OM2 will not support that speed over 80m, but an OM3 will. For a little extra cable cost, you wont have to replace it (ever?). All of these cables work with the same converters.

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