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Fibre Optics are able to support high bandwidth transmissions, over long distances, in a single, compact cable. This is one of the reasons why fibre is a predominant cabling type for HDTV at live sports, music and entertainment events. And now with the availability of devices enabling video, audio, talkback and tally signals to be sent down the same fibre pairs, a single fibre cable can replace several, heavier copper cables providing huge benefits of ease of deployment, storage and transport.

We have supplied this industry for many years and our assemblies have been used in major worldwide sporting events, TV Series and Live Broadcast. We have product options to suit any priority, whether that be size, durability, cost, availability, flexibility...and more!

  • Portable fibre assemblies for camera, lighting, sound and data connections

  • Dust and dirt proof connectors

  • Rugged cable designed for reliability

  • Waterproof LC connectors

  • Neutrik opticalCON and etherCON assemblies

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  1. ArmourLux Deployable Cables

    ArmourLux Deployable Cables

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  2. Neutrik opticalCON

    Neutrik opticalCON

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