SENKO IP XLR / D-Series MPO Feed-through Coupler with dust cap, Key up to Key down

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SENKO IP XLR fibre optic 'feed-through' MPO coupler can be used in standard Neutrik 'D-Series' (XLR cut-out holes. Suitable for use on panels, connector plates, stageboxes, wall boxes and any application where a XLR 'D-series' housing cut out is available. Made with high-tolerance housings and quality components, which ensures lower loss and greater reliability than commercial grade types. Suitable for both multimode and singlemode fibre optic cables.

Can be used to couple standard MPO/MTP cables or IP-PRO12/24 IP Rated Plugs to MPO/MTP cables. Key-up to key-down orientation maintains the continuation of the cables' polarity.


  • Opposed MPO Coupler
  • Neutrik D-Series / XLR format
  • Optional IP rated Cap
  • Use with standard or IP-rated MPO plug
  • Suitable for multimode and singlemode fibre
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