Neutrik opticalCON DUO OM3 to 1400m

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2 Fibre Multi Mode Cable with shuttered DUO with deployable Reel - length up to 1000m

  • 2 core military approved robust & light-weight deployable cable
  • Automatic sealing shutter with silicone gasket
  • Dirt, dust and water protection to IP65 in mated condition
  • Easy to clean, no special tools required
  • Reliable Push-Pull locking mechanism
  • opticalCON metal ruggedised Multi Mode LC connectors

NKO2M-A-2-50           50m with GT310 reel
NKO2M-A-2-100       100m with GT310 reel
NKO2M-A-2-150       150m with GT310 reel
NKO2M-A-2-200       200m with GT310 reel
NKO2M-A-3-250       250m with GT380 reel
NKO2M-A-3-300       300m with GT380 reel
NKO2M-A-3-400       400m with GT380 reel
NKO2M-A-5-500       500m with GT450 reel
NKO2M-A-4-600       600m with HT582 reel
NKO2M-A-4-700       700m with HT582 reel
NKO2M-A-4-800       800m with HT582 reel
NKO2M-A-4-900       900m with HT582 reel
NKO2M-A-4-1000   1000m with HT582 reel
NKO2M-A-6-1100    1100m with SK4812 reel
NKO2M-A-6-1200    1200m with SK4812 reel
NKO2M-A-6-1300    1300m with SK4812 reel
NKO2M-A-6-1400    1400m with SK4812 reel

** Call for lengths not listed or for assemblies without reels

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