ArmourLux500 Tactical 2 Core LC Uni Plug-LC Socket OM3

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ArmourLux is the No. 1 choice for temporary fibre connections. This version comes with LC Duplex Uniboot connector and an LC Socket mounted in the centre of the reel. The LC Uniboot is a single body design which is stronger than a standard simplex/duplex LC and is designed for 2 core round cable, which is used here. The LC Socket is IP68 rated with the cap on to keep dust and water away from the fibres within. The LC Uniboot is housed within an individual IP67 LC connector protector. The OM3 Multi Mode cable is MILTAC (MILitary TACtical) and designed for repeated deployment.

  • Includes portable, deployable reel with 3rd flange & friction brake
  • Military Tactical fibre is designed for harsh environments and repeated flexing
  • UK Manufactured product, individually serialised for traceability, shipped with test results
  • Operating Temp Range -55- C to +85- C
  • 2, 4, 8 and 12 fibre options and Flight Cases are available - see below or call us for more details
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