Ruggedised Single Mode LSZH Fibre, 9/125, SC-SC

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Double Sheathed SC-SC Flat Twin fibre patch cable for extra protection

  • Includes individual test report for insertion loss
  • LSZH outer sheath
  • Made to order - any length
  • Twin sheathed, more rugged than standard patch cables
  • ** If you require a cable longer than 150m please call us on 01488 685800
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Hi ,Universal Networks Support team, I have a question with the polishing method of the terminal face. Is this Ruggedized Single Mode LSZH Fiber, 9/125, SC-SC polishing PC? Is it SPC or UPC? Thank you.

A. Hi, it's actually UPC for SInglemode as standard, with APC an option. Sales Team

Q. Hi When the twin sheath has been cutback what is the minimum bend radius for each fibre optic? We want to wrap the fibres around a small as possible diameter drum _ singlemode LSZH fibre Regards Col Design Engineer

A. Colin the sub units are 3mm diameter, usually the need raduis is 10x the dia. That said Brand Rex do not state the specifc bend radius for the sub uinit,s only the Flat Twin cable as a whole (which is 40mm). We have reviewed their dats sheet for their zipped 3mm duplex cable, and they state 40mm for that also, so we can only assume this is the corrent radius. UN Sales Team

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