What distances are achievable using the different Categories of Copper Cables?

Copper Cable Distances

The distances achievable using the different categories of Copper cables are illustrated in the following table. Stranded and Solid are characteristics of the conductors and affect the performance. 

The figures for Stranded cables are approximate and vary considerably with the quality of the cable:

Ratified Standard Speed Achievable Transmission Frequency Distance (Stranded) Distance (Solid)
Cat5e Up to 1Gb 100MHz 65m 100m
Cat6 Up to 1Gb 250MHz 65m 100m
Cat6a Up to10Gb 500MHz 65m 100m
Cat7 Up to 10Gb 600MHz 65m 100m
Cat7a Up to 40Gb 1000Mhz 65m TBA
Cat8* Up to 40Gb 1.6GHz - 2GHz   30m

* Cat8 is yet to be a ratified standard

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