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Universal Networks have worked with both the MOD and other affiliated companies within the defence industry. Requirements commonly centre around high performance, easily maintained, field ready deployable solutions, built to perform in harsh environments. However we have also installed permanent cabling systems on military base and test areas.


Fibre Optics offer many security benefits as they do not radiate any signal and are very difficult to tap into, combine that with an immunity to EMI (electro magnetic interference), and you are left with a secure reliable medium for the transportation of sensitive data. The majority of our solutions use fibre to transport data between devices, from a few hundred metres to tens of kilometres. Fibre readily supports bandwidths up to 10Gbp/s over long distances.


Copper is suitable for Ethernet connections for shorter, less sensitive connections. It is an easy medium to terminate/repair and can be shielded for better EMI immunity and performance. Our outdoor cables range in specifications up to Cat6a which can support up to 10Gbp/s.



Ruggedised fibre optic and copper cabling solutions. We can assemble both mediums of cable using industry or military standard connectors and components, as required.

  • Permanent & portable, deployable, reusable solutions 
  • MIL spec components designed for the harshest environments (Def-STAN 60-1 Part 3, MIL-85045)
  • MOD approved on-site installation team
  • Custom assemblies, assessed and built to each individual specification.

We understand the critical nature of these applications and take pride in creating custom assemblies for our defence industry customers, contact us to discuss your requirements.


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