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Investing in the right cabling solution that supports today’s highest bandwidth needs as well as those of emerging technologies (40GbE) is key to prolonging the usefulness of the infrastructure.Data centres store data and applications for remote access by users. With increasing volumes and demand for this data, these tend to be early adopters of the current highest-bandwidth connectivity standards. Although the cabling infrastructure typically presents less than 5% of the investment cost within a data centre, the life expectancy is several times longer at 10-15 years, as cable replacements can be disruptive and labour intensive. 

A typical inter cabinet link these days will use a 12-48 ribbon fibre cable terminated with high density MPO (Multi-fibre Push On) or the lower loss MTP® Connectors. These are quick and easy to install into a pre patched panel, which can present up to 144 LC fibre connections in a 1U or 480 LC fibre connections in a 3U space.


MTP Double


Singlemode fibre provides unlimited bandwidth and is the most future proofed solution; the downside is the switches, specifically the optical transceivers are more expensive.  Multimode, available in OM3 & OM4 standards, is more commonly installed as less costly transceivers can be used.  These are the only MM standards that are ratified for use with 40/100G standards. The limitations on cable distances at different speeds need to be observed, but it is rarely an issue within a Data Centre environment.


  • High Density Cable and MPO / MTP Connectors – uses less space and quick to install
  • Support for GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE & 100GbE + transition rates – future proofing your infrastructure
  • Standard LC connector presentation on panels and fanouts – easily connect to existing equipment, using high density pull tab LC patch leads.
  • Bespoke cable lengths, connector configurations and wiring pinouts – source the right cable for your unique installation.


We understand that high quality cables can be the difference between optimal service and un-planned downtime, Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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